Do you enjoy spending more time at home or do you just have to work more from home? If you find yourself in one of these two situations, we are sure that you like to wear comfortable clothes, so, most of the time, you stay in your pajamas.

Choose some happy prints that will make you smile every time when you wake up. Here are our suggestions of cozy and colorful pajamas for you:

Pajamas for her

1. LC Waikiki pajama – – 49.95 lei

Pijama LC Waikiki

2. H&M pajama – – 89.99 lei

Pijama H&M


3. Miniprix pajama – – 49 lei

Pijama Miniprix

4. Bonprix pajama – – 52.90 lei

Pijama Bonprix

5. House Brand pajama – – 69.99 lei

Pijama House Brand


Pajamas for him

1. Reserved pajama – – 79.99 lei

Pijama Reserved

2. Vienetta Secret pajama – – 69 lei

Pijama Vienetta Secret

3. Lady Line pajama – – 85 lei

Pijama Lady Line

4. Glittio pajama – – 159.90 lei

Pijama Glittio

5. TEX pajama – – 45 lei

Pijama Tex

Order online your favorite model and enjoy perfect mornings in comfortable pajamas.

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