10 articole pentru outfitul perfect de plajă pentru ea și el

We're in the midst of summer, where the heat encourages you to head to the beach or pool with your friends to create beautiful, unforgettable memories. The ideal beach outfit is essential to make you feel comfortable, confident, and trendy. If you're in search of the right articles, we're here to suggest a few options from one of the stores with 100% Romanian capital, Various Brands.

Whether you prefer a peaceful day lounging in a beach chair, a day of volleyball with your crew on the beach, or a day of diving into the water the moment you arrive, the items you wear by the sea or poolside should offer you comfort without neglecting your own style. We've selected, below, 10 items for her and for him that are a must-have for a successful summer outing with friends.

For her

  1. Puma Swim Swimsuit

Top: bit.ly/3OqI1kt Bikini: bit.ly/47sKDXZ


2. Puma Swim One Pice Swimsuit bit.ly/42Tr4nY

Costum de baie


  1. Nike Victori One Slide Slippers bit.ly/3Ou0RqZ



  1. Puma Patch Backpack bit.ly/3YI22bf



  1. Puma Slim Dress bit.ly/43WEKiN




For him

  1. EA7 Graphic Series Short bit.ly/3KAxH8m



  1. Puma Swim Short bit.ly/3YtM0l1



  1. Nike Victori One Slide Slippers bit.ly/3qnV6Di




  1. Puma Originals Urban Backpack bit.ly/453RSE0




  1. Puma Adventure Planet Shirt bit.ly/3Ywmuvl



Sursa imagine principala: Image by lifeforstock on Freepik
Sursa imagine articol: Image by Freepik