Days are getting colder, so I’ve decided it’s time to buy a new winter jacket because everyone knows that I don’t like the cold season. Initially, I did a little research on the sites of the well-known brands that you find in malls, but I wasn’t delighted by any winter jacket that I have seen. It’s very likely that in these locations are more models of winter jackets, but because time is short and precious, I’ve decided to postpone this strenuous walk through stores. The last time I spent 2 months going from store to store, in order to buy a pair of jeans. I’ve walked through all the malls in Bucharest (and when I say all, I really don’t joke) until I’ve managed to pick the right pair.

This time I wanted to spend less time looking for the jacket. Said and done! While scrolling on Facebook, I saw some ads about ZOOT and I clicked one of them to see if I can find something on their website. I was surprised, I liked several jackets that I added to the shopping cart. I was extremely happy because I laid eyes on at least 3 models.

After I logged in to my ZOOT account, I noticed that I can order for free an extra size, an idea that I liked very much. I was ambitious to order a size larger than the one that I normally wear, but there was no need to buy it. Surprisingly, the size has matched the table of sizes available on the website for each product.

I went to the next step, where I was asked if I wanted to try out the clothes in the ZOOT happiness dressing rooms or to be delivered at home or at the office, specifying that each order is delivered to the dressing rooms within 3 days.


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Am ales Cabinele de fericire ZOOT pentru că sunt amplasate în zone accesibile, precum: Piața Victoriei, Dorobanți, Decebal, Pipera, Cișmigiu, Cocor (poți găsi aceste cabine de fericire și în Cluj și Timișoara). Exact așa cum au comunicat, după 3 zile am primit mesaj că a fost livrată comanda în locația de la Victoriei, cea pe care am ales-o în momentul în care am făcut comanda.

I choose ZOOT happiness dressing rooms because they are located in accessible areas such as Victoriei Square, Dorobanți, Decebal, Pipera, Cișmigiu, Cocor (you can find these dressing rooms also in Cluj and Timișoara). Just as they communicated, after 3 days I received a message that the order was delivered to the Victoria Square location, the one I chose when I placed the order.

When I arrived there, I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere: lovely music, 4 dressing rooms, 2 comfortable sofas for those who accompanied you to shopping and a lot of clothing. I was expecting to try out the jackets and go home with one of them! 😊)

The ZOOT staff was extremely kind, with a friendly attitude and a pleasant smile, as all employees working in this area should be. They unsealed the four winter jackets that I ordered, inviting me to try them out. Unfortunately, in the photos presented on the website, they appeared to be much thicker than they were, so I was a bit disappointed. I expected the jackets to be suitable for winter, but the pictures didn’t reflect the reality and I have to keep on searching until I find the right jacket. I just hope the search doesn’t last for two months, as in the case of the jeans.

So, because I was not happy with the winter jackets that I received and didn’t want to keep any of them, I gave them back to the ZOOT staff who thanked me for my visit. Even though this time I wasn’t so lucky to find the jacket that I wanted, I recommend you all to order from as they are prompt, serious and kind!

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