You know how hard it is for us men to find the proper gift for the person we love, even more so when it comes to jewellery. But when we want to gift “that jewellery”, things are getting even more complicated. Yes, my shopping experience is about buying the perfect engagement ring.

As I have already mentioned, it was no easy job, and it took much longer than I expected until I found the right model. When I figured out what I wanted, I looked for the seller that could help me with that special ring. After several fruitless visits in dedicated stores, I went to Valmand. I had already come across a series of unpleasant situations, so I didn’t have great hopes, but from the very beginning, at Valmand I was welcomed with professionalism and a lot of friendliness.

The sales advisor showed me several beautiful models, but the one that caught my attention was one on the website, available by order. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in stock in the right colour and size, and I couldn’t wait for it to be made, because the time of the proposal was coming close and I really needed the ring. Very kind, the advisor recommended me a similar model, with the possibility to change it for free with the one I chose, after I asked my future fiancée the big question. This was exactly what I needed to convince myself that I’d found the seller where I’d buy the perfect engagement ring.


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Furthermore, the sales advisor kindly explained to me what type of gold I should choose, what kind of model I should pick to be able to modify it easily in time, and what benefits I had if I bought the jewellery in their store. I didn’t feel for one second in front of a seller trying to make me buy their goods, but rather in front of a specialist who wants to help me make the best decision.

After the proposal (where I heard, of course, a big ‘yes’ :) ), I went back to the store to change the ring with the model I had first chosen. Here I was received with the same professionalism. The new model was made in record time. In two days, my fiancée could wear the chosen ring on her finger.

In short, my experience at Valmand is all about professionalism, kindness, seriousness and quick solutions – the key to happy customers! :)

If you want to visit them, I went to the store in the Universitate area (Str. Nicolae Filipescu nr. 52, sector 2, Bucharest). You can also find them online, on

Article by Cristian Rădulescu
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