During this period, we spend more time in the comfort of our home, away from the gloomy weather outside. So, we choose to end our evenings with a tasty dinner and a good movie in the company of our loved ones, which is why we need clothes that offer us freedom of movement, are useful, but also chic.

You should definitely have some slippers, because they are extremely useful and complement your cozy outfit. If you want to buy a new pair and you need ideas, we have created a diverse selection of fluffy slippers that you will love!

1. EMU Australia slippers available in 4 colours – www.epantofi.ro – 156 lei

papuci de casa EMU australia

2. Fluffy slippers with straps www.miniprix.ro – 39 lei

Papuci de casa pufosi cu barete miniprix

3. Sierra Woman Brown slippers – www.spartoo.ro – 194.50 lei

papuci de casa maro sierra woman

4. BPC Leopard print slippers – www.bonprix.ro – 64.90 lei

papuci de casa imprimeu leopard

5. Yeti II Slippers available in 3 colours www.answear.ro  – 149.90 lei

Flip Flop Papuci de casa Yeti II disponibili pe 3 culori

6. Hot Chocolate White slippers www.deezee.eu – 108 lei

papuci albi de casa hot chocoloate

7. 'Zamolxis' Sheepskin slippers – www.lady-line.ro – 49 lei

papuci de casa din lana de oaie zamolxis

8. Pinkish slippers – www.penti.com.ro – 55.97 lei

papuci pinkish

We hope that among the options proposed by us you will find the perfect pair for you!

Featured image source: www.insightdesign.co.uk
Listing image source: www.footfiles.com
Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available