Each time, the super cool outfits are complemented by jewelry with a unique design. To always be in trend, opt for jewelry with natural flowers in this season. Every time you will be in the center of attention thanks to them!

Delicate and meticulously crafted, natural flowers jewelry are perfect to be worn in an office, casual and even sporty outfit. So, if you want to renew your accessories collection, we come to your aid with some fashionable suggestions:


1. Wild carrot flowers earrings – felicitystore.ro – 200 lei

Cercei cu floare de morcovul câmpului

2. Wheat flowers earrings – breslo.ro – 109 lei

Cercei cu floare de grâușor

3. Maroco flowers earrings – podoabealese.ro – 70 lei

Cercei cu flori din Maroc

4. Pink, white and purple Alyssum earrings – fior.ro – 69 lei

Cercei cu Alyssum roz, alb și mov

5. Forget-me-nots earrings – floratitud.ro – 130 lei

Cercei cu flori de Nu-mă-uita


1. Bridal flower pendant – www.lilymokusart.com – 170 lei

 Pandantiv cu floarea miresei

2. Dried flowers pendant – malikafashion.ro – 99 lei

Pandantiv cu flori uscate


3. Wildflower pendant – crafty.ro – 30 lei

Pandantiv cu floare de câmp

4. Dried flower pendant – www.facebook.com/BiellaBiju – 70 lei

Colier cu pandantiv din flori uscate


1. Natural flowers ring – woodstockshop.ro – 59 lei

 Inel cu flori naturale

2. Natural flowers ring – ro.outletsale2020.com – 145.89 lei

 Inel cu flori naturale

3. Dried flowers ring – crystal4art.ro – 29 lei

 Inel cu flori uscate

4. Natural flowers ring – breslo.ro – 59 lei

Inel cu flori naturale

Wear jewelry with natural flowers wherever you go! Accessorize any outfit with such an item and you will see all eyes on you!

Featured image source: annandjoy.storenvy.com
Listing image source: flomory.com
Surse imagini articol: website-urile unde sunt disponibile produsele menționate