Pantone Institute delighted us as usual with this year`s colour and the winner is Ultra Violet, a colour that symbolizes originality, ingeniousness and visionary thinking, according to the company. Ultra Violet will be this year`s star, so fashion trends will embrace it with pleasure, especially as it fits into the non-conformist and challenging designers` pattern of our time. For a bold outfit, we have prepared for you some items that can be set in various styles of clothing:


  1. H&M Blouse,, 89.90 lei
  2. VERO MODA Skirt,, 164.99 lei
  3. Top Secret Trousers,, 245 lei
  4. Pull and Bear Jacket,, 149.90 lei
  5. Collective Shoes,, 599.99 lei
  6. Enzo Bertini Boots,, 489 lei
  7. Anna Cori Bag,, 340 lei
  8. Mohito Bracelet,, 29.90 lei
  9. Karl Lagerfeld Watch,, 1120 lei
  10. Breslo Earrings,, 70 lei
  11. Zara Overalls,, 149.90 lei

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