Tonight, we are visited by the first of the two large-handed Santas who delight us each year with beautiful surprises. We are talking about Santa Nicholas, who brings us a lot of gifts in the beautiful polished boots in the night of December 5th to 6th.

Well, you do not want to get caught unprepared, especially since this year is announced to be quite generous! :) Take a quick look in the shops and make sure you pick the most beautiful boots. Without any thought of tricking Santa, we advise you to opt for some large boots like the Combat ones. Not only that they are incredibly comfortable, but they will guarantee you a cool street look, and thanks to the ridgy sole you will avoid being an uninspired skater. Combat boots are teaming up with lots of seasonal items: from black jeans worn with over-sized sweaters to the feminine miniskirts and knitted dresses. And the result is spectacular, whether you opt for a retro, biker or childlike outfit.

You can choose one of the following pairs of Combat boots for this winter:

Moja boots – – 499 lei;

Bocanci Combat Moja

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IMAGE boots – – 349 lei;

Bocanci Combat IMAGE

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Il Passo boots – – 749 lei;

Bocanci Combat Il Passo

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STEEL boots – – 310 lei;

Bocanci Combat Steel

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Flavia Passini boots – – 399 lei;

Bocanci Combat Flavia Passini

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ECCO boots – – 729.90 lei;

Bocanci Combat Ecco

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Mihaela Glăvan boots – – 950 lei.

Bocanci Combat Mihaela Glăvan

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Choose a pair of cool Combat boots that will offer you that amazing street look. Also, they are a good investment for the 6th of December. ;)

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