A woman never has enough jewelry! And as trends are rapidly changing, it's time to add some sensational elements to the jewelry box. This season, the long earrings that are as shiny as possible are the piece of resistance for a trendy outfit. From heart-shaped earrings to those reinterpreted with pearls, all of them have to be admired and appreciated in your warm season outfits. And if you do not know how to wear them, we also offer you some useful suggestions!

1. Shine and elegance

This year, the accessories with plenty of crystals are in great demand, so you can start with a pair of long earrings with eye-catching items that can send you directly to the dance floor! They go well with a simple dress with straps in an elegant setting! They will be the right accessory to tell you that you're ready for the party!

Meli Melo earrings melimeloparis.ro – 59.99 lei;

Meli Melo earrings

Image source: melimeloparis.ro

ONLY earrings – www.zoot.ro – 74.99 lei.

Only earrings

Image source: www.zoot.ro

2. The 80s heart

Bulky, golden, silver hearts in noisy shades or with shimmering stones are exactly what you need when it comes to earrings. Choose your favorite pair and define your disco-inspired outfit. The denim is clearly the best all of the heart-shaped earrings, but the leather jacket is also suitable. Combine them and obtain the desired look!

Sevda earrings – www.sevda.ro – 51 lei;

Sevda earrings

Image source: www.sevda.ro

H&M earrings – www2.hm.com – 39.99 lei.

H&M earrings

Image source: www2.hm.com

3. Reinterpreted pearls

Leave the classic earrings with pearls aside for a few moments and choose some modern ones, where the pearl is put forward by geometric shapes or different surprising combinations that impress with their volume and glow. Of course, the pearly touches will keep the femininity of the earrings, while giving you the opportunity to accessorize them in an elegant outfit. You can choose this model for a cocktail party or a sophisticated dinner.

Mohito earrings www.mohito.com – 39.99 lei;

Mohito earrings

Image source: www.mohito.com

Tricia earrings – www.triciadesign.ro – 79 lei.

Tricia earrings

Image source: www.triciadesign.ro

4. Marine richness

This year, you can start completing your jewelry collection earlier with some pieces that have oceanic influences. Opt for the bulky ones, with sparkling accents, of course! The pieces of jewelry with oceanic accents are ideal in a casual outfit for an urban look. Here are some holiday-inspired items:

Stradivarius earrings – www.stradivarius.com – 29.99 lei;

Stradivarius earrings

Image source: www.stradivarius.com

Mango earrings – shop.mango.com – 69.90 lei.

Mango earrings

Image source: shop.mango.com

5. Coins with refinement

Coins that are shaped as jewelry are back in the public attention, but this time, presented in a more elegant way, relying on the 90s’ woman image. Choose a white deux-piece with large shoulders and a pair of gold earrings – the result will be a refined one!

H&M earrings – www2.hm.com – 39.99 lei;

H&M earrings

Image source: www2.hm.com

Parfois earrings – www.parfois.com – 59.90 lei.

Parfois earrings

Image source: www.parfois.com

Choose your favorite model and put it forward in a trendy outfit that will catch everyone’s eye. We look forward to seeing the results. :)

Featured image source: shotbygio.com 

Listing image source: fashionweekdaily.com