Next to an elegant dress, it has to be a suit, so it is gentlemen`s turn to be delighted with a spectacular outfit at the beginning of the New Year. A suit is the best choice, but choosing it is a real challenge. Always take the shape of your body into account and consider the basic rules of matching the suit with the shirt and the other accessories of your outfit. Maybe the following article will help you create your outfit: The perfect tie for an impeccable outfit.

Returning to trends, we recommend you a suit in powerful colours, metallic shades or fine materials such as velvet. We suggest you to avoid the banal variants of black suit and white shirt. At the midnight, you want to make a great impression and nothing helps you more than a spectacular suit that fits you best. We have selected for you some elegant costumes that you can choose for the New Year`s Eve party:

1. The elegance of velvet:

Tudor Tailor Suit – – 4400 lei;

Tudor Tailor

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2. A metallic touch:

Consiglieri Suit – – from 3990 lei;


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3. A vintage look:

Sarto Suit – – from 5900 lei;


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4. Some bold prints:

Filip Cezar Suit – – 4500 lei;

Filip Cezar

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5. Powerful colours:

Viggo Suit – – 2499 lei;


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6. Clasic & Chic:

Vistula Suit – – 1589.90 lei.


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No matter what suit you choose, it's important to feel comfortable and have an outfit suitable for your party. So, what's your choice?

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