It's already November, and temperatures have dropped dramatically. It is necessary to update our wardrobe! Coats are basic items and anyone should have at least one with a classic pattern or in a neutral color. These are versatile items that can be integrated both in elegant outfits, as we are used to, but also in outfits with sporty influences.

Thus, if you want a comfortable and casual look, and your style is sporty, you can mix the outfit with a coat. Our proposal is to choose some wide joggers, an oversized sweatshirt and a bumbag that you will wear over your coat, as you have certainly already seen. For shoes, you can choose a pair of high sneakers such as Nike Air Jordan/Nike Air Force Mid or a pair of UGGs. If you want to approach a more elegant, but comfortable look, a pair of wide-leg black pants, a high-necked sweater, platform boots and a nineties shoulder bag will look great.

Below we have made a diverse selection of short coats that are perfect for rainy autumn days!

1. Wool blend coat with plaid pattern – 199.99 lei

palton din lana cu model in carouri

2. Short coat with buttons – 199.90 lei

palton cu nasturi zara

3. Warm coat with added wool – 269.99 lei

palton calduros mohito

4. Tom Tailor Plaid coat with cut-out lapels – – 509.99 lei

palton în carouri cu revere decupate tom tailor

5. Mango Spring-autumn coat – – 499.99 lei

Palton primavara-toamna mango

6. Only Coat – – 189.90 lei

only palton answear

7. Faux leather coat – 279.99 lei

mantou din imitatie de piele

We hope that our selection will help you to purchase the perfect coat for this rainy weather!

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