Some of us love them, others completely avoid them. Regardless of the rating you give them, the transparent items are one the coolest trends of the moment. If last year, they weren’t so visible in the stores, now you can choose from a large range of cool products. And they can be worn in a lot of styles, transforming any outfit into an admired one! If you want to add extra elegance to your party outfit, opt for the simplicity and refinement of the sandals with transparent inserts! Bags and belts are other inspired options if you want a cool urban look. And if "all transparent" is not on your list of favorites, focus on items with transparent portions to give you a trendy vibe.

Here's our selected products for you:

Pull&Bear Earrings – – 25.90 lei;

Pull&Bear Earrings

Bershka Belt – – 39.90 lei;

Bershka Belt

Meli Melo Necklace – – 59.99 lei;

Meli Melo Necklace

Zara Cap – – 35.90 lei; 

Zara Cap

Stradivarius Bum bag – – 59.90 lei;

Stradivarius Bum bag

Mohito Bag – – 99.99 lei;

Mohito Bag

Vintage Eyeglasses– – 79 lei;

Vintage Eyeglasses

Asos Sandals– – € 50.99;

Asos Sandals

Nissa Boots– – 349 lei.

Nissa Boots

Create amazing street style outfits and wear with confidence the coolest trend of the moment!

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