The low temperatures and the gloomy landscape urge us to spend more time in the comfort of our home. It is the perfect period to spend time with your loved ones watching Christmas movies and enjoying a hot chocolate or a tea with orange and cinnamon. The pajamas we choose should be cozy, pleasant to the touch and should give us the lightness we need every day.

Thus, we propose for this period a selection of pajamas in which you will feel comfortable. At the same time, they can be a good gift idea, because, often, even though we spend a lot of time in the house, we forget to buy the right outfits.

1. Set of jacquard zebra pajamas – – 174.97 lei

Set pijamale dama zebra jaquard zebra

2. Disney Set of pajamas – – 99.99 lei

set pijamale dama cu Disney

3. Reindeer cotton pajama set – 149.90 lei

set pijamale din bumbac cu ren

4. Jolidon Women pajamas – 99.90 lei

pijama din bumbac jolidon

5. Women pajamas – – 183 lei

pijama dama

6. Cotton pajamas with Berrak flowers – 125.24 lei

pijama dama cu flori

7. Organic cotton blend pajamas with medium collar – – 168.99 lei

pijama din amestec de bumbac cu guler mediu

8. Women's pajamas with stars – 79.99 lei

pijama dama cu stele sinsay

9. Ginko women's pajamas made of organic cotton – – 164 lei

pijama dama ginko din bumbac organic

We hope one of our choices is to your liking. Which one will you choose for yourself and which one will you offer as a gift?

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