Did anyone say FW 2018/2019 trends? There is no doubt, thinking that just the word "trendy" is one of the conditions as important as "appropriate to the silhouette" when you go shopping. Let's start with a trend that seems to be immortal – the chequers! Being one of the classic prints, they are found on a lot of items that can be worn for years without being considered old-fashioned. However, this season, the chequers seem to catch a new look and be reinvented in shapes and colours from the basic ones to the vibrant ones. The retro fashion returns, and masculine inspired coats with square shoulders, buttoned dresses and miniskirts look better than ever with this print.

Until now, chequers clothes were just a good option, maybe even a banal one, but this autumn they get another look and become a piece of resistance. This season seems to push you to go shopping for some "little chequers".

So it would be a good idea to visit the online stores and enjoy the most exciting trendy items.

1. Stradivarius cap – www.stradivarius.com – 59.90 lei;

Stradivarius cap

Image source: www.stradivarius.com

2. Zee Lane Collection pants – www.fashiondays.ro – 169.99 lei;

Zee Lane Collection pants

Image source: www.fashiondays.ro

3. Bershka jacket – www.bershka.com – 179.90 lei;

Bershka jacket

Image source: www.bershka.com

4. Pull&Bear skirt – www.pullandbear.com – 79.90 lei;

Pull & Bear skirt

Image source: www.pullandbear.com

5. Mohito skirt – www.mohito.com – 149.99 lei;

Mohito skirt

Image source: www.mohito.com

6. Zara coat – www.zara.com – 299.90 lei;

Zara coat

Image source: www.zara.com

7. Next coat – www.next.ro – 469 lei;

Next coat

Image source: www.next.ro

8. Mango dress – shop.mango.com – 199.90 lei;

Mango dress

Image source: shop.mango.com

9. Top Secret dress – bfashion.com – 175 lei;

Top Secret dress

Image source: bfashion.com

10. Tinar shirt – www.tinar.ro – 99 lei;

Tinar shirt

Image source: www.tinar.ro

11. Depurtat boots – www.depurtat.ro – 145 lei;

Depurtat boots

Image source: www.depurtat.ro

12. House scarf – www.housebrand.com – 49.99 lei.

House scarf

Image source: www.housebrand.com

Autumn is more beautiful with chequers! Dare and combine them with other prints such as polka dots or vertical stripes, and if this image does not represent you, put them together with items in a single shade.

Featured image source: olgalavric.com
Listing image source: www.fashion365.ro