Winter mornings are gloomy and low temperatures urge us to spend more time in the comfort of our home. But if you must go to the office, we have found the perfect solution to make you feel cozy all day! Oversized sweaters are light and give you a cool and casual look. You can match them with a pair of jeans, a pair of leather pants or a mini/maxi skirt, depending on your clothing style. These sweaters are versatile, so you can't go wrong with an outfit that integrates them.

Thus, we have created a diverse selection of sweaters perfect for the cool days you spend at the office.

1. Oversized chenille sweater – 159.99 lei

pulover oversized din tesatura tip chenille reserved

2. Fluffy sweater with V-neck – – 129.90 lei

pulover pufos cu guler in V

3. Oversized sweater with twists – 59.99 lei

pulover oversized cu torsade

4. Oversized turtleneck sweater – 159.90 lei

pulover tip helanca oversized cato

5. Maxi knit sweater – – 79.90 lei

pulover maxi din tricot cu pernute de umar

6. Nantes Light sweater – – 119.99 lei

pulover lejer nantes

7. Thick knitted sweater – 129.99 lei

pulover tricotat gros hm

We hope our choices have helped you find your favorite oversized sweater!

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