It`s time to refresh your dressing at the beginning of the year! And what can be more likeable than to choose the star-colour of this year? Soft, optimistic and immortal, the classic blue wonderfully suits a lot of clothing items, giving you a fresh look. You can combine it with elements in the shades of the ocean or you can put it in a great light with white, black or grey items. For a little effervescence, you can opt for an all-blue look.

We inspire you with 8 clothing pieces in the colour of 2020:

1. H&M Pullover – 89.99 lei;

H&M Pullover

2. Mohito Top – 89.99 lei;

Mohito Top

3. Zara Shirt – 199.90 lei;

Zara Shirt

4. Poema Jacket – 249 lei;

Poema Jacket

5. Dr Denim Skirt – – 62.99 euro;

Dr Denim Skirt

6. LaDonna Dress – – 179.99 lei;

LaDonna Dress

7. Fossil Watch – – 458.99 lei;

Fossil Watch

8. Calvin Klein Jeans Sneakers – – 448 lei.

Sneakers Calvin Klein Jeans

Be creative and wear your favourite classic-blue item with pride!

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