We know you like to listen to music and also enjoy great sound quality when doing this. Practical and comfortable, wireless on-ear headphones are ideal for outdoor walks or for moments spent in front of the computer.

Easily adaptable for a laptop, phone, tablet, and other devices, the wireless headphones offer freedom of movement because they have no cables and their connection to other devices is made via Bluetooth.

Let's discover some models of wireless on-ear headphones:

1. Skullcandy wireless headphones – www.cel.ro – 649 lei


2. Sennheiser wireless headphones – www.avstore.ro – 679 lei

Casti Sennheiser

3. Audio Bose wireless headphones – www.domo.ro – 2004 lei

Casti Boose

4. Audio Technica wireless headphones – www.pcgarage.ro – 437.99 lei

Audio Tehnica

5. Beats wireless headphones – www.flanco.ro – 1399.99 lei

Cati beats


6. Sony wireless headphones – www.sony.ro – 577.20 lei


7. Logitech wireless headphones – www.evomag.ro – 559 lei


Feel free by purchasing a pair of wireless headphones and connect with your favorite music anytime!

Featured image source: www.bowerswilkins.com
Listing image source: earbudsshop.com
Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available