Everyday the EV market becomes more attractive. Hundreds of new models are available, slowly starting to replace traditional cars. Well know automakers have dropped totally or partially the thermal engine for models for targeted to the usual consumer, but also for luxury models.

But, we cannot forget, that the biggest innovator of the EV market is Tesla. The company, guided by Elon Musk, now has 4 electric vehicle models (S-3-X-Y), as we tested one of the most family life compatible ones.

Model Y is by far the best EV model, adapted for the family life from a cost effective report. Either we speak about the rear drive model with a top autonomy of 455km, or about the dual engine models, Long Range (533km) or Performance(514km), Tesla Model Y gives you the best autonomy on the market, making the car usable for a family trip, a relative struggle for other automakers.
Model Y Performance is also a powerful car, getting out of the two electric engine a 3.7s time for 0 to 100km (compared to the Long Range model that reduces that to 5s), this being the most notable difference between the two models. Model Y Performance also has some additional elements, helping to achieve that performance, like an aileron that's part of the trunk door chassis and 21 inches Überturbine rims.

tesla model y cherry red

As with any Tesla car, the control comes from the touchscreen media center, that replaces most other controls in a traditional car. Using the media center, we can utilize and monitor all car related details(including lights, steering and the cameras(360o)), but also use the navigation system or the apps the car comes with or those that can be installed (including Spotify, Netflix or video games).

The touchscreen is still used to get a summary of details as a car avatar, that can be used for closing both the trunk and the "frunk" (front baggage holder) and also control other elements like the lateral mirrors.

tesla touchscreen

The car also has two directional controls and two levers that contol the lights/signaling and the PRND shifter.

While in traffic, the car behaves exemplary, being easy to drive, and the same of above, when compared to the best car makers, when talking about safety standards. The car having 360o cameras, it knows at any time where obstacles and other cars are, assisting the driver to avoid an accident or minimize it's impact.

Like most electric vehicles, Tesla Model Y comes with adaptive breks, meaning that the car starts breaking the moment you get your foot of the accelerator, in line with traffic, without the need to actually press the breaking pedal.

Model Y Performance also comes with a very powerful acceleration, being indeed capable to reach 100km in 3.7s.

The interior is spacious, but it can be described as spartan, without all the traditional controls, the dashboard seems fade and unoriginal, but the car offers excellent comfort, having completely adjustable chairs, two wireless phone chargers, and snacks/drinks supports both in the central dash area and in the back. The semi-transparent glass ceiling it's an extremly attractive point for children.

Tesla plafon

The trunk is very spacious, having a capacity of 854l with the back seats up or 2158l with them folded, this aspect being an important must have for a family trip, bringing Tesla Model Y the title of best family EV.


Images source: tesla.com and personal archive