Do you like preparing tasty sweets that look nice? We know very well that a cake that looks good will tempt you to try it. So, if you like to make sweets or you simply want to try a series of new recipes for your family, we come to your aid with some ideal accessories and tools to create some fabulous cakes.

Please note that you may like to do this so much that it is possible to develop a hobby right from the first cake prepared!

1. Heart-shaped cookie cutter (3 pcs) – – 34.30 lei

Decupatoare extractor inimioare

2. 4 silicon shapes + chocolate cookie cutter – – 48 lei

Set de 4 forme silicon + decupator biscuiți ciocolată

3. Cake mould – – 26 lei

 Șablon pentru tort

4. Cake tin with loose base – – 29.99 lei

Formă de tort cu bază detașabilă

5. Cake slicer – – 119 lei

Accesoriu pentru feliat blatul de tort


6. Cupcake cases (48 pcs) – – 11.95 lei

Forme de brioșe

7. Muffin pan – – 31.90 lei

Tavă de brioșe

8. Cake spatula – – 25 lei

Spatulă pentru glazurare

9. Set of 8 tools for cake decorating – – 10 lei

Set de 8 ustensile pentru decorarea prăjiturilor

10. Cake stencils – – 38.69 lei

Șabloane pentru pudrat

11. Set of 15 icing nozzles – – 154.70 lei

Set de 15 duiuri pentru ornat și decorat

12. Lace spatula – – 17.50 lei

Spatulă pentru dantele

13. Rolling pin for fondant and sugar paste – – 50 lei

 Rolă cu forme pentru fondant și marțipan

Buy the tools and accessories you need for preparing and decorating cakes! The time spent in the kitchen will be rewarded with a lot of smiles from your family members, when they will taste the good-looking and delicious cakes made by you with love.

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