Do you want a coffee table with a special design? Made of glass, sturdy wood or metal, they can harmoniously fit into your living room. You can easily use them as a support for your morning coffee, for the flavored tea served to your guests and so on. The coffee table, usually positioned in the center, has a lot of practical functions, but it can also be aesthetically appealing.

We have prepared for you some coffee tables with a spectacular design:

1. Aflieri Home coffee table (105 x 105 x 45 cm) – – 1344 euro

Masuta de cafea Afilieri

2. Brasilia coffee table – – 1357 euro + VAT

Masuta de cafea ClassIN


3. Sorrento coffee table (120 x 75 x 55 cm) – – 5590 lei

Masuta de cafea Divaniesoda


4. Butcher's Block XL Versmissen wood coffee table (112 x 103 cm) – – 8855 lei

Masuta de cafea The home


5. Yuni coffee table – – 4790 lei

Masa Exotique


6. Drawer coffee table – – 1358.33 euro

Masuta de cafea Luxury Interiors


7. Thai Natura coffee table (61 cm) – – 7364 lei

Masuta de cafea Bonami


8. Kizou coffee table – – 4487 lei

Masuta de cafea Vivre


9. Planet coffee table – – 1210 euro


Which one is your favorite?

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