Remarkable due to their production process, the niche perfumes will perfectly complement any outfit, enveloping it in grace and mystery. The number of these perfumes is extremely low, because the production of a single perfume can take even decades. The secret of niche perfumes is passed down from generation to generation, their recipe dating back several centuries.

The sensuality of the niche perfumes will make you believe that they are created especially for you. You will fall in love from the first notes of their unmistakable fragrance.
We have prepared for you 6 niche perfumes that you must try:

1. Galop D'Hermès by Hermes (50 ml) – – 1231 lei

Galop D'Hermès by Hermes

The perfume is a tribute to natural beauty, femininity and elegance, which perfectly complements the charm of any woman. The top notes of quince and saffron blend perfectly with the middle ones of Osmanthus Heterophyllus and Turkish rose. The base notes have the fragrance of skin and white musk.

2. Imperial Emerald by The Merchant of Venice (100 ml) – – 1179 lei

Imperial Emerald by The Merchant of Venice

It is a sensual and elegant perfume in which the top notes with citrus aromas combine excellently with the passionate notes of pink pepper. The middle notes intertwine the fine aroma of ylang-ylang and rose flowers with a magnificent bouquet of lilies, jasmine and tuberose.

3. Enigma by Roja (50 ml) – – 1553 lei

Enigma by Roja

Considered a feminine oriental perfume, Roja brings to the Enigma perfume a completely new and modern conception of luxury and refinement. The top note consists only of the pleasant scent of bergamot, while the middle notes delight your senses with the aromas of peach, May rose, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, bitter orange extract and jasmine. The base notes include great scents, such as iris root, patchouli, amber, musk, vanilla and sandalwood.

4. Xerjoff by Wardasina (100 ml) – – 1298.50 lei

 Xerjoff by Wardasina

This perfume is perfect for a romantic and delicate outfit due to the top notes of saffron and rose. The harmony continues with a mysterious note of woody aromas and patchouli. Also, when the perfume settles on the skin, you will feel the special notes of tobacco and vanilla.

5. Ciel Woman by Amouage (50 ml)  – – 1165 lei

Ciel Woman by Amouage

The exclusive Ciel Woman perfume will delight you with the intensity of frankincense silver essence and sensual wood. The top notes are gardenia, cyclamen and violin, and the middle notes are a mix of peach, water lily, rose and jasmine. The wonderful base notes will envelop you in aromas of amber, musk, cedar, sandalwood and frankincense.

6. La Belle Helene by MDCI (75 ml) – – 1690 lei

La Belle Helene by MDCI

The nostalgic memory of the lost paradises, but also of the true daily happiness can be found in the wonderful perfume La Belle Helene. The middle notes of ylang-ylang, iris, plum, Osmanthus, mimosa and Bulgarian rose match perfectly with the top notes of tangerine, Aldehyde, lemon blossom and pear. The base notes of vetiver, sandalwood, amber, oak, cedar, patchouli, myrrh, white musk and licorice will make you love this perfume.

Complete your outfits with one of these 6 remarkable niche perfumes. Have you tried such a perfume so far?

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