The blue sapphire is one of the most sought-after gemstones after the diamond. It is also one of the most beautiful among them, being durable and versatile. Also, the sapphire is a lucky stone, being known since ancient times as a source of luck and wisdom, protecting couples who wear it.

Its color is often associated with royal blue. The most famous sapphire ring in history is Princess Diana’s ring, later given by Prince William to his beautiful wife, Kate Middleton.

Starting from the infinite beauty of the sapphire, we decided to select for you a few accessories that have this lucky gem as the central element.


  • 18K white gold earrings with diamonds and blue sapphire – – 16910 lei

    Cercei cu safir si diamant


  • 18K white gold earrings with round sapphires and diamonds – – 5968 lei

    Cercei cu safir si diamant


  • 18K white gold earrings with natural sapphires and natural diamonds – – 1186 euro

    Cercei cu safir si diamant



  • 18K gold engagement ring with oval sapphire and diamonds – – 9203 lei

    Inel cu safir


  • 18K white gold ring with sapphire and diamond – – 10832 lei

    Inel cu safir si diamant


  • Ring with sapphire and diamond – – 5890 lei

    Inel cu safir


Chains and pendants:

  • 18K white gold pendant chain with sapphire and diamond – – 11900 lei

    Lant cu pandantiv


  • 18K white gold chain with sapphire and diamond pendant – – 5850 lei

    Lant cu safire


  • 18K white gold pendant with sapphires and diamond – – 1143 euro

    Pandantiv cu safire si diamant



  • 18K gold bracelet with diamonds, amethysts and sapphires – – 8644 lei

    Bratara cu safire si diamante


  • Bracelet with diamonds and sapphires – – 13671 lei

    Bratara cu diamante


  • 18K white gold bracelet with diamonds and sapphires – – 16720 lei

    Bratara cu diamante


We hope that the sapphire is one of your favorite gemstones! Its beauty and elegance can not be surpassed by other precious stones, but only enhanced by them.

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