Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and it can be played starting from very young ages. At first glance it may seem like a simple sport, but the multitude of rules, its complexity and the financial resources a player needs to have determine a precise selection of the public who can practice it.

It is a safe game which requires a lot of concentration and determination, while focusing mostly on the respect between the players. Among the most famous golfers we can remember Tiger Woods who has made an extraordinary career in this sport.

In Romania, this sport has started to develop since a few years ago, but even so, we are the ones that own the largest golf course in Europe. So, if you want to practice this complex sport, we suggest you some golf courses where you could set your skills as a golf player.

1. Golf Club Paul Tomiță – – Pianu de Sus, Alba County

Golf Club Paul Tomita

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Opened in 1995, Golf Club Paul Tomiță is the first private golf course in Romania. Its 18 routes have a total distance of 6098 meters and consist of five PAR 3, eight PAR 4 and five PAR 5.  The annual membership fee is between 1500 – 3000 lei and differs depending on the distance from the club. The game fee is 150 lei for 18 cups.

2. Tite Golf  Resort – – Recaș, Timiș county, at 25 km distance from Timișoara, on E70

Tite Golf Resort

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Being the first golf course built in the west of the country, it is equipped with driving range and 9 tracks made up of 2 x PAR, 3.5 PAR 4 and 2 x PAR 5. The total distance after the two rounds of the 9 holes is 6354 meters for boys and 5526 meters for girls. The membership fee is 2900lei/year and the game fee starts from 100 lei/18 cups.

3. Kings Land Ineu – – Comuna Ineu, Bihor County, at 15 km from Oradea

Kings Land Ineu

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Kings Land Ineu offers its guests a golf course consisting of 6 holes with PAR 22. Also, regular golf competitions for members and visitors are regularly organized there. The annual fee is between 250 – 450 Euros depending on the distance from the club and the price for 6 holes – 20 golf-balls starts from 12 Euros and differs on the day you choose to go, the number of holes and the number of balls.

4. Lac de Verde – – 54 Caraiman Street, Breaza, Prahova County

Lac de Verde

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Lac de Verde Golf Club is the only underground golf course in Romania. Equipped with 9 high-difficulty trails, two being PAR 4 and the rest PAR 3, it’s waiting for you to spend several days in the wonderful world of the golf, by giving you the chance to stay here over night. The membership fee is between 200 – 700 Euros per year and the game fee is 150 lei for 18 cups.

5. SunGarden Golf & Spa Resort – – 1000 Poiana Cerbului Street, Cluj county


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With a total of 2211 meters, a 33 PAR index and 9 tracks, the SunGarden Golf & Spa Resort awaits you in an ideal setting to play golf, being located right in Poiana Cerbului next to the Baciu Forest. The membership fee is between 1800 – 3600 lei per year the fee for 9 routes is 135 lei, while the one for 18 routes is 200 lei.

6. Theodora Golf Club – – 75 C Principală Street, Teleac, Alba County

Theodora Golf Club

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Theodora Golf Club owns the largest golf course in Europe – PAR 6 – 735 meters runs out over an area of 56 hectares with 18 tracks having 6517 meters in total, 4 tracks PAR 3, 10 tracks PAR 4, 3 tracks PAR 5 and one track with PAR 6. The game fee is 200 lei for 18 cups and the annual fee is 5000 lei.

7. Transilvania Golf Club – – Sanpaul village, Cluj County, at 30 km distance from Cluj- Napoca

Transilvania Club

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Having 9 cups, the Transilvania Golf Club awaits you in the most beautiful place near Cluj-Napoca. Soon, another 9 cups will be opened, which will make this club the second largest in Romania. The game fee for 18 cups is 125 lei and the membership fee is 500 Euros per year.

Enjoy the most relaxing and challenging experience in one of the golf clubs in Romania and we guarantee that you will come back to repeat this experience!

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