We know that most of the time you want to take your laptop with you to take advantage of all the information you have stored on it, but its weight and the fact that you need to go from a place to another are always an impediment for you. That's why we've decided to present you some external hard disk drives with 2 TB memory. Easy to access and easy to carry!

You can take it with you anywhere, and you can attach it to any other laptop or device via a USB cable. So you can safely store your data and you can take it with you anytime and anywhere you want.

1. Silicon Power external Hard Disk Drive – www.cel.ro – 369 lei

hard disk extern silicon power

2. Seagate external Hard Disk Drive – www.emag.ro – 399 lei

hard disk extern seagate

3. WD Elements external Hard Disk Drive – altex.ro – 429.99 lei

hard disk extern wd elements

4. ADATA Hard Disk Drive – www.itgalaxy.ro – 352.99 lei

hard disk extern adata

5. Intenso external Hard Disk Drive – www.pcgarage.ro – 259.99 lei

hard disk extern intenso

6. Maxtor external Hard Disk Drive – www.evomag.ro – 389 lei

hard disk extern maxtor

7. LACIE external Hard Disk Drive – mediagalaxy.ro – 899.99 lei

hard disk extern lacie

8. Toshiba external Hard Disk Drive – www.vexio.ro – 341.99 lei

hard disk extern toshiba

9. Sony external Hard Disk Drive – www.f64.ro – 694 lei

hard disk extern sony

Store all the information you need and always carry it with you on an external Hard Disk Drive! If you do not own such a device, we hope you choose one of the above!

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