From now on, you can forget how it is to manually clean your own home, because the robot vacuum cleaner will do all the work for you. How is this possible?

The little smart home appliance will surprise you with its features! It can be remotely controlled from a smartphone and you will be the one who will decide when it should clean the floor. Depending on what features you want your robot vacuum cleaner to have, you can purchase a model with obstacle protection or one that will go back to the charging station on its own as soon as the cleaning is complete.

Discover below the 5 models of robot vacuum cleaners proposed by us and their features:

1. Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner – – 2499.99 lei

Aspirator robot Xiaomi

Product details: energy efficiency – Class A, wet and dry suction, dust box capacity - 0.42 L, power – 58 W, autonomy – 150 min, self-recharging, Wi-Fi connectivity, mop function, brushless motor, protection against hair, laser distance sensor, anti-fall system.

2. iRobot robot vacuum cleaner – – 4499.90 lei

Aspirator robot iRobot

Product details: energy efficiency – Class A, dry suction, AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system, iAdapt 2.0 technology, Dirt Detect sensors, Dirt Detect technology, power – 33W, autonomy – 120 min, programmable.

3. Samsung robot vacuum cleaner – – 1349 lei

Aspirator robot Samsung

Product details: maximum power consumption – 80 W, dust capacity – 0.3 l, self-parking, detection of any obstacles, perfect corner cleaning, optimal power control.

4. Scout robot vacuum cleaner – – 3540 lei

Aspirator robot Scout

Product details: minimum operating time – 60 min, 3D intelligent navigation, furniture protection technology, home mapping, dust box volume – 0.4 l, 2200 mAh battery capacity, it doesn’t bump into anything, it does not overturn.

5. iLIFE robot vacuum cleaner – – 1799 lei

Aspirator robot iLife

Product details: operating time – 120 min, after vacuuming it returns to the dock and charges itself, it bypasses the obstacles, timing function, 11 sets of smart anti-collision and anti-fall sensors, dust box capacity – 0.3 l, power 22W, suction power 400 pa, voltage – 14.4 V, battery power – 36 W, wet and dry suction.

With these robot vacuum cleaners, you will spend less time cleaning the house and enjoy more time with your loved ones!

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