For those who want an automatic home, the first option for progressive adaptability would be smart accessories. You can start with smart light bulbs that give each of us the ability to control, from a laptop, tablet or smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, what’s happening with the light in a certain room.

You can also control the intensity of the light, program the light bulb to turn off after a certain amount of time, monitor real-time power consumption and many more. Voice control is also a part of the features that come with these intelligent accessories.

So, if you opt for an automatic home and also a minimum power consumption, smart light bulbs are the perfect solution! We have prepared a list of some of these accessories:

1. LED Smart Wi-Fi TP-LINK light bulb – – 169.99 lei

Bec LED Smart

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2. Blurred video camera with Wi-Fi light bulb – – 122.97 lei

Bec cu camera video

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3. 3D projector light bulb with fireworks projection – – 60 lei

Bec cu artificii

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4. Multicolor light bulb with speaker and smartphone control through Bluetooth – – 189 lei

Bec multicolor cu difuzor

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5. XIAOMI intelligent multicolor light bulb – – 116.90 lei

Bec multicolor Xiaomi

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6. Dimmable light bulb Immax NEO – – 221.21 lei

Bec dimmabil

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7. Smart Emergency light bulb – – 11.60 lei

Bec cu lampa

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8. Smart multicolor LED light bulb – – 25.99 lei

Bec Smart LED

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9. Intelligent TSMart light bulb with light sensor – – 129 lei

Bec cu senzor

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Opt for smart light bulbs and the atmosphere in the house will always be a pleasant one!

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