The Japanese considered tea an art and used matcha powder in the Chanoyu ceremony to make an etheric drink. In the 19th century, the English started the trend of the afternoon or 5 o'clock tea, because they ate only twice a day, and between meals they generally drank the famous black tea with milk. The examples can go on, because tea has an impressive history, being associated with many cultural practices. At the same time, tea has many health benefits, being used in natural medicine.


If every time you go to your girlfriend or boyfriend you find new varieties of tea that you may not have heard of before, what would you say to surprise them and offer them a teapot with an interesting design? We have compiled a list of teapots with both various and minimalist patterns, perfect for serving tea in a fancy way.

1. Clayre & Eef Teapot – 59.99 lei

ceainic model japonez vivre

2. Theiere – Sul Teapot, Sema Design – 116.35 lei

ceainic model carturesti

3. Bredemeijer Jang cast iron teapot – 234 lei

ceainic negru

 4. Cherry Blossom porcelain teapot – 90 lei

ceainiccu flori

5. Diamonds Teapot, Maxwell & Williams – – 107 lei

ceainic alb

6. Japanese style porcelain teapot – 69 lei

ceainic emag

7. ADELAIDE GOLD Teapot – 145 lei

ceainic mobexpert

8. Camellia Bloomingville Teapot – – 122 lei

ceainic the home

9. Kutani Aochibu Tessen Teapot – – 250 lei

ceainic cu flori

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