Officially, there's just one week left until the start of the new school year. For students, this brings new learning opportunities and the chance to make lifelong friendships.

However, for parents, the new school year also comes with the question, "What should we get for the teacher on the first day of school?"
While a classic bouquet of flowers is a beautiful and appreciated gesture, many of them end up forgotten at school or discarded due to the large number received by teachers. So, we present to you 8 gift ideas that will surely bring a smile to your teacher's face.


Personalized Teacher's Toolkit with Text -

Trusa pentru profesori personalizata cu text


Personalized Candy Box with a Message for the Teacher  -

Cutie de bomboane personalizata cu mesaj pentru profesor


Plantable Pencil  -

Creion plantabil


Personalized "Colorful Pencil" Floral Arrangement -

Aranjament floral creioane colorate


Personalized Mug "The Coolest Teacher"  -

Cana personalizata cel mai cool profesor


Personalized Text Notebook -

Notebook personalizat


Custom Name Tote Bag for the Teacher  -

Sacosa personalizata pentru invatatoare


Personalized Pen and Bookmark Set for Teachers -

Set pix si semn de carte

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