We all know that it’s difficult to dry clothes in the cold seasons, with low temperatures and rainfall – the humidity in the house will be high, and the drying time will be longer than in the warm seasons. In addition, the laundry rack you use isn’t very broad and takes up a lot of space in the house or on the balcony. To get rid of these problems, you should use the increasingly popular solution nowadays – the clothes dryer! Forget about the long waiting time for your favorite clothes to dry! Now you can have dry clothes even in less than an hour!

Don’t give it another thought and buy a clothes dryer now! To help you choose such a device, we propose you a diverse selection to make your work easier!

1. Candy Smart Pro CSO H8A2DE-S Clothes dryer – www.emag.ro – 1899.99 lei

Uscator de rufe Candy Smart Pro CSO H8A2DE-S, Pompa de caldura, 8 kg, 14 programe, Clasa A++, Alb

Product details: Heat pump, 8 kg, 14 programs, Class A++, White

2. Indesit YTCM087BEU Clothes dryer www.flanco.ro – 1299.99 lei

Uscator de rufe Indesit YTCM087BEU, Condensare, 7 kg, Clasa B

Product details: Condensation, 7 kg, Class B

3. Whirlpool FTM229X2SEU Clothes dryer with heat pump www.tonis.ro – 2449.91 lei

Uscator de rufe cu pompa de caldura Whirlpool FTM229X2SEU, Clasa A++, Capacitate 9 Kg, 6th Sense, Alb

Product details: Capacity 9 kg, 6th Sense, Class A++, White

4. CANDY CSO4 H7A1DE-S Clothes dryer www.mediagalaxy.ro – 1899.99 lei

Uscator de rufe slim CANDY CSO4 H7A1DE-S, pompa de caldura, Wi-Fi, 7kg, 14 programe, Clasa A+, alb

Product details: Heat pump, Wi-Fi, 7 kg, 14 programs, Class A+, white

5. GORENJE DE71 Clothes dryer – www.altex.ro – 2449.90 lei

Uscator de rufe GORENJE DE71, pompa de caldura, 7kg, 16 programe, clasa A+, alb

Product details: Heat pump, 7 kg, 16 programs, class A+, white

A clothes dryer is a long-term investment, so make an informed choice. We hope that our selection has helped you choose a dryer that suits your preferences and home, but also the budget you have!

Featured image source: www.oslomet.no
Listing image source: images.immediate.co.uk
Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available