February 24th is special for every Romanian because we celebrate Dragobete - a feast of pure Romanian love, a day of complete joy, entirely dedicated to couples. And when it comes to the love you have for each other, gifts are always a great idea.
Full of significance, but also extremely useful, we have chosen for you some gifts created by 100% Romanian brands that you will gladly give to your partner:

Gifts for her:

1.Boemiiana boho blouse, Iiana – iiana.ro – 210 lei

Bluză boho Boemiiana, Iiana

2. Iehana Cosmetics Set for a complete beauty routine – iehanacosmetics.com – 609.90 lei

Set rutină completă de beauty, Iehana Cosmetics

3. Victoria Watch, Optimef – optimef.com – 1050 lei

Ceas Victoria, Optimef

4. Amelie handbag, Mala Bags – malabags.ro – 320 lei

Poșetă Amelie, Mala Bags

5. Galaxy Collection Silver earrings, Pebs – pebs.ro – 159 lei

Cercei din argint Galaxy Collection, Pebs

6. Arnela wallet, Musette – musette.ro – 239.20 lei

Portofel Arnela, Musette

Gifts for him:

1. “Făt Frumos” T-shirt, Învie Tradiția – invietraditia.ro – 90 lei

Tricou bărbați „Făt Frumos”, Învie Tradiția

2. M Olive Watch, Noah – noah-watch.com – 284 euro

Ceas M Olive, Noah

3. Mota bag, Mota for Men – mota-for-men.com – 420 euro

Geantă Mota, Mota for Men

4. A5 notebook, Vintage Box – vintagebox.ro – 125 lei

Agendă A5, Vintage Box

5. Wooden bow tie Bubble, Papionette – papionette.com – 79.99 lei

 Papion din lemn Bubble, Papionette

6. Veritas Eboni pen, Poenari – poenari.ro – 320 lei

Pix Veritas Eboni, Poenari

Choose the most suitable gift for your better half and celebrate Dragobete in a Romanian style!

Featured image source: medium.com
Listing image source: www.twitter.com
Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available