After the ugly sneakers trend (You can check out Ugly sneakers not so ugly), it’s time for sandals to stand out with sporty influences. To be fair, they’re more “quiet” than the sports shoes mentioned above, but they are just as interesting in street fashion.

Sporty sandals have been included more and more frequently in cool outfits, as accessories to loose linen dresses, jeans of all kinds, items with floral prints or, of course, to clothing items with sporty influences like cycling ones. And since we know you want a pair of special sandals, we suggest you check out Romanian brands, boasting a truly Romanian style outfit.

Once again, comfort makes a good team with trends, so you should check out our selection of products and add your favourite pair to the basket!

1. Concepto sporty sandals– – 309 lei;

Sandale sporty Concepto

2. Moja sporty sandals – – 399 lei;

Sandale sporty Moja

3. Mineli sporty sandals – – 349 lei;

Sandale sporty Mineli

4. Benvenuti sporty sandals – – 229 lei;

Sandale sporty Benvenuti

5. Il Passo sporty sandals – – 449 lei;

Sandale sporty Il Passo

6. Diva Charms sporty sandals – – 250 lei;

Sandale sporty Diva Charms

7. Zappatos sporty sandals – – 94 lei;

Sandale sporty Zappatos

8. Clasicor sporty sandals – – 149 lei.

Sandale sporty Clasicor

What if this summer you allowed yourself to be admired in the coolest street style outfits?

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