Due to restrictions against the spread of COVID-19 virus, children could no longer enjoy meetings with Santa at the mall, celebrations or events. For the little ones, Christmas is an emotional and joyful holiday, and the meeting with Santa will remain forever imprinted in their minds!

Surprise your child and be the one to dress up as Santa Claus this year! Depending on how much you want to invest and what model catches your attention, we have compiled a list of costumes that will be delivered in a few days right to your home.

1. Santa Claus Costume www.fabricademagie.ro – 169 lei

costum de mos craciun fabrica de magie

2. Santa Claus Costume www.funidelia.ro – 166 lei

costum mos craciun

3. Santa Claus Costume – www.emag.ro – 349 lei

Costum mos craciun profesional widmann

4. Santa Claus Costume – www.negociat.ro – 65.99 lei

costum mos craciun pentru adulti

5. Santa Claus Costume – www.lightinthebox.com/ro – 236.47 lei

Costum de mos craciun

6. Santa Claus Costume – www.vidaxl.ro – 59 lei

set costum roba de mos craciun

7. Santa Claus Costume – www.bebebliss.ro – 69 lei

costum de mos craciun 5 piese

The moment children meet Santa Claus will be a unique one for them, so don't hesitate to offer them this surprise that will be dearly remembered over the years!

Featured image source: pexels.com
Listing image source: www.bestlivingjapan.com
Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available