Do you want a slim and healthy body? Choose a balanced lifestyle! The holidays have just passed, and each of us has eaten excessively large amounts of food – meat rolls, cake, meatballs, boeuf salad and many other goodies that we enjoyed with our families. So, if you want to start a detoxification treatment, which will cleanse your body of toxins and will also help you lose a little weight, we recommend you some books with delicious recipes to try at home:

1. Alkaline detoxification, Ross Bridgeford – – 75 lei

Detoxifiere prin rețeta alcalină, Ross Bridgeford

2. Fasting Detox, Desire Meriem – – 12 lei

Detoxifiere prin post, Desire Meriem

3. NutriFitUp Detox Ebook – 7 days, Iulia Bledea – – 35 lei

 Ebook Detoxifierea NutriFitUp – 7 zile, Iulia Bledea

4. Natural detox, Narcis Cernea – – 99 lei

Natural detox, Narcis Cernea

5. TAO – for detoxification, Daniel Reid – – 44,95 lei

TAO – pentru detoxifiere, Daniel Reid

6. The great detox cure, Caroline Benson – – 15 lei

Marea cură de detoxifiere, Caroline Benson

7. 8 detox cures for revitalizing your body, Nathalie Delecroix and Jean Marie Delecroix – – 21 lei

8 cure pentru detoxifierea și revitalizarea organismului, Nathalie Delecroix și Jean Marie Delecroix

8. 10-day detox with green juices, J. J. Smith – – 19.95 lei

Cură de detoxifiere de 10 zile cu sucuri verzi, J. J. Smith


Which book will you choose for this detox treatment? We want to hear your experience!

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