It is ideal that, when you get back home, to have the optimal temperature for you, but how can you do this if your air conditioner can be turned on only from a few meters away and only using the remote control?

In the past, controlling the temperature in your home while you’re away wouldn’t have been possible, but technology has evolved a lot and now you only need a built-in Wi-Fi air conditioner that can be remotely controlled.

How does it work? By simply installing an app on your smartphone or tablet, the air conditioning system can be remotely programmed: you can turn it on right when you leave the office or when you’re on the road, no matter the distance between you and the device. And this is not the only thing you can do remotely! Depending on the model of the air conditioner, it can perform many functions, such as: airflow adjustment in the desired direction, timer, sleep mode, cooling or rapid heating.

So, if you want to be welcomed in your home by the perfect temperature, buy yourself such a device. You can choose one of the following models:

1. Heinner air conditioner, A++/ A+ class, 12000 BTU – – 2799.99 lei

Aer conditionat Heinner

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2. Samsung air conditioner, A++/ A++ class, 12000 BTU – – 3599 lei

Aer conditionat Samsung

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3. Vortex air conditioner, A++/ A+ class, 2.4 GHz – – 2501 lei

Aer conditionat Vortex

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4. Tesla air conditioner, A++/A+ class, 12000 BTU – – 1714 lei

Aer conditionat Tesla

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5. Whirlpool air conditioner, A++/A+ class, 9000 BTU – – 1847.99 lei

Aer conditionat Whirpool

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6. Daewoo air conditioner, A++ class, 12000 BTU – – 2399.99 lei

Aer conditionat Daewoo

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To keep up with technology, opt for such an air conditioner and enjoy an enhanced comfort. You will have the ideal atmosphere at home in any season, and due to the low consumption it registers, you do not have to worry about the electricity bill!

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