The simplicity of the Scandinavian style is recognized worldwide! Imagine a perfect room, bathed in the gentle rays of the sun, with a minimalist design, in which the predominant color is white. Doesn't that seem like the perfect setting for your bedroom?

To arrange a Scandinavian-style bedroom, you don’t need an interior designer, because you can do it yourself. Minimalist design is a strong point of this style! Regarding the furniture, you can opt for solid wood pieces or some that contain wooden inserts. Nature must always be close to you.

So, try to accessorize this room as little as possible and enjoy the quiet moments as much as possible. If, however, you find it too empty, opt for some decorative pillows in pale colors, a flower pot or, why not, a painting inspired by nature.

1. Upholstered bed (200 x 160 cm) – – 1443 lei

 Pat tapițat

2. Bedside – – 140 lei


3. Wardrobe – – 3199 lei


4. Metal and wood chandelier– – 329 lei

Lustră din metal și lemn

5. Wall lamp – – 175 lei

 Lampă de perete

6. Wool carpet – – 1425 lei

Covor de lână

7. Flower pot – – 299.99 lei


8. Rattan chair – – 578 lei

Scaun din ratan

9. Set of two coffee tables – – 470.05 lei

Set de 2 măsuțe de cafea

10. Decorative pillow (50 x 30 cm) – – 204 lei

Pernă decorativă

11. Landscape picture – – 245 lei

Tablou cu peisaj

We hope you follow our advice when decorating your Scandinavian-style bedroom! We are sure that it will come out flawless!

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