Summer is the season of relaxation, of moments spent in nature and, of course, of fun! If you want to enjoy the sunny days with your loved ones, in your yard, buy an inflatable pool, which will be to everyone's liking! You will be able to relax any time you want with a refreshing drink and a cold bath and you will enjoy intimacy! Here are some suggestions of inflatable pools that you can order online:

1. Happy People inflatable pool (200 x 150 x 50 cm) – – 229 lei

Piscina gonflabila

2. Bestway inflatable pool (244 x 66 cm) – – 269 lei

Piscină gonflabilă Bestway

3. La Butic On-Line inflatable pool (229 x 229 cm) – – 476 lei

Piscină gonflabilă La Butic On-Line

4. Index inflatable pool (224 x 216 x 76 cm) – – 179 lei

Piscină gonflabilă Index

5. Bestway inflatable pool (262 x 157 x 46 cm) – – 125.69 lei

Piscină gonflabilă Bestway

6. Zony inflatable pool (224 x 216 x 76 cm) – – 358 lei

 Piscină gonflabilă Zony

Enjoy every moment of relaxation, alone or with your loved ones! Order your own inflatable pool and have a mega party at home! You will have a great time!

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