The interior of your car must be always clean, no matter how often you use it. We know that most of the times you have to stand in queues at the car wash to sanitize the inside of your car, so we come to your aid with 6 suggestions of car vacuum cleaners that are easy to use. You will not need an external power source, as all these vacuum cleaners are specially designed to be charged in the cigarette lighter. Simple and easy to clean in just a few minutes!

1. Black&Decker car vacuum cleaner – – 136.85 lei

Aspirator auto Black&Decker

Product details: the vacuum cleaner comes with: hose, power supply and two suction nozzles; motor power - 35W, weight - 500 g, dimensions - 25 x 18 x 2 cm

2. Aspiria car vacuum cleaner – – 220 lei

Aspirator auto Aspiria

Product details: power - 120 W, dimensions - 370 x 123 x 98 mm, cigarette lighter charging

3. Baseus Shark One car vacuum cleaner – – 149.99 lei

 Aspirator auto Baseus Shark One

Product details: power - 65 W, vacuums even in the narrowest areas; special plug dedicated to cigarette lighter, dimensions - 38 x 9 x 9 cm; package includes: car vacuum cleaner, bag and 3 suction nozzles;

4. Hoover car vacuum cleaner – – 89.90 lei

Aspirator auto Hoover

Product details: cigarette lighter charging; The package includes: brush for narrow spaces, dust brush and car plug.

5. Sthor car vacuum cleaner – – 103 lei

Aspirator auto Sthor

Product details: power - 100W, weight - 1.75 kg

6. Melain Tehnology car vacuum cleaner – – 299.99 lei

Aspirator auto Melain Tehnology

Product details: wet-dry suction, dimensions - 35 x 12 x 15 cm, power - 100 W, cable length - 450 cm; The package contains: a vacuum cleaner, a suction nozzle, a suction brush, an EVA Soft Pipe, an air compressor.

Save time and money by cleaning your car in just a few minutes with an easy-to-handle car vacuum cleaner! Which one do you choose?

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