Do you like to drive or you just spend a lot of time in traffic on your commute? Regardless of your answer, your car must be equipped the way you want, for a proper comfort. Just like your own house, always clean and appropriately accessorized, the car has to offer you the comfort you need.

So, here is a short list of interior accessories that you should definitely have in your car:

1. Set of seat covers – – 234.63 lei;

Set de huse auto

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2. Steering wheel cover – – 69.69 lei;

Husa pentru volan

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3. Set of car carpets – – 64 lei;

Set covorase auto

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4. Car seat organizer – – 21 lei;

Organizator pentru scaun auto

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5. Sunshade for side windows – – 15 lei/buc;

Parasolar pentru geamuri laterale

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6. Windshield sunshade 75 x 175 cm – – 21.90 lei;

Parasolar pentru parbriz

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7. Car bin – – 59 lei;

Cos de gunoi auto

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8. Car ashtray – – 20 lei;

Scrumiera auto

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9. Magnetic phone holder – – 44.90 lei;

Suport magnetic pentru telefon

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10. Folding cup holder – – 6.3 lei;

Suport rabatabil pentru bauturi

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11. Drinks cooler – – 394.95 lei;

Lada frigorifica auto

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12. Car charger – – 119.90 lei;

Incarcator auto

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Purchase these car accessories and your comfort inside the car will be enhanced!

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