A few days ago, a new rental platform, Pura Vida Huts, was launched on the online market in Romania, offering its customers the opportunity to rent retro vans, campers and vintage caravans, vintage cars and tiny houses.

These cars can be rented for up to one year, and can be used for festivals, corporate or private events, photo sessions, for advertising or for personal purposes.

Volkswagen T2


Volkswagen T3

For example, the price for any van starts from 60 euros a day, depending on the utilities you want to have, the pick-up place, and the rental period. The entire retro portfolio is available at www.puravidahuts.com.

So, we invite you to discover the new experience offered by Pura Vida Huts!

Featured image source: www.kristenstack.com
Listing image source: www.puravidahuts.com
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