The cold season made its full presence, even since November, in many areas of the country, catching a lot of drivers unprepared. Thus, many of them did not have the necessary accessories for the winter, being forced to turn back.

A suitable car equipment for winter ensures a safe and comfortable journey. Also, whether you are only driving in the city or going for long distances, we suggest you have the following car accessories:

1. Winter tyres – – price starting from 130.66 lei

Anvelope de iarna

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2. Skidproof tyre covers – – 189.90 lei

Huse antiserapante

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3. Snow chains – – 38 lei

Lamturi antiderapante

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4. Heated seat cover – – 59.99 lei

Husa cu incalzire pentru scaun

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5. Anti-freeze cover – – 14.65 lei

Folie impotriva inghetului

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6. Ice scraper with glove – – 8 lei

racleta auto cu manusa

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7. Snow shovel – – 32.34 lei

Lopata auto

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8. Anti-freeze cover for screen wipers – – 10 lei

Huse anti-inghet stergatoare

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9. Winter screen wash – – 10 lei

lichid pentru parbriz

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10. De-icer – – 15.47 lei

Spray pentru dezghetat parbrizul

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11. Lock de-icer – – 5.54 lei

Spray dezghetat yale

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12. Hauling strap – – 13.99 lei

Chinga de remorcare

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Purchase these winter accessories for your car and be ready to face any weather conditions!

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