Easter is always a wonderful holiday, especially when we taste the dishes prepared with lots of care and attention. Radisson Blu Bucharest comes to your aid with a special menu created for these wonderful days and brings you a delicious brunch at home!

The authentic and flavored recipes will be enjoyed by all family members and will make this holiday truly complete. Thus, you can opt for dozens of dishes, including: Romanian style lamb terrine with spring onion and garlic, colored eggs, falafel and tahina, lamb borsch, seabass in Mediterranean sauce, traditional sweet bread with nuts, raisins and cocoa, Romanian sweet dough with cheese and raisins, tiramisu cake, but also many other goodies that can be discovered in the menu: tasteofbucharest.ro

Meniu Radisson


Meniu Easter Radisson

Remember that your pre-order is expected until 16th April! The ordered products will be delivered on 17th and 18th April, to be fresh on the Easter table. You just have to warm them and enjoy them with your loved ones.

For orders over 200 lei, the delivery is free, and for orders below this amount, a fee of 25 lei is applied. Attention! The payment will be made only by card upon delivery!

All that’s left to say is "Enjoy your meal!" and "Happy Easter!".

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