Being one of the most colorful cookies in the world, macarons is a product with an Italian origin due to Pierre Desfontaines, the chef of the noble Caterina de Medici, who in 1533 came up with the idea of filling biscuits with ganache cream.

So, the colorful dessert that has stolen everybody's hearts with its colors and taste has become one of the most popular sweets in the whole world. We have prepared a few boxes of macarons you can order online or get them from a dessert shop:

1. Box with 12 macarons – – 89 lei

Maison D'Or

2. Box with 8 macarons – – 30 lei

Cofetaria Armonia


3. Box with 10 macarons – – 35 lei

Cofetaria Sweet Moments


4. Box with 8 macarons – – 41 lei



5. Box with 6 macarons – – 79 lei

Ok Flora


6. Box with 6 macarons – – 17 lei

Cofetaria Minimal


7. Box with 4 macarons - – 32 lei

Cofetaria Christine

We look forward to hearing from you which one you liked the most!

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