Are you a vegetarian and you want a juicy and tasty burger? Now you have the opportunity to order it at home with just a few clicks!

We know that the most delicious burger is made by you, but, as you know, our biggest enemy is time. It's like we never have enough! So, to help you get rid of the problem "What are we eating tonight?!", we have chosen for you some restaurants in Bucharest, which also deliver vegetarian burgers.

1. Beyond Meat Burger – – 38 lei

Beyong Meat Burger

2. Unison Vegan Burger with coleslaw salad – – 30 lei

Unison Vegan Burger cu salată coleslaw

3. Veggie Burger – – 25 lei

 Veggie Burger

4. Halloumi Burger – – 28 lei

 Halloumi Burger

5. True Selective – – 26 lei

True Selective


6. Falafel burger – – 31 lei

Falafel burger

7. Vegetarian burger – – 23 lei

Burger vegetarian

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Which one will you choose?

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