Burgers represent one of the most popular dishes in the whole world. Delicious and prepared to suit all tastes, they can be found in variants that contain pork, beef, or simply vegetables.

We know you love burgers, so we've prepared 5 locations in Cluj-Napoca where you can enjoy such a yummy dish.

1. California Burger – www.facebook.com – 20 G. Barițiu Street;

California Burger

Image source: www.facebook.com

California Burger awaits you to rediscover the true taste of California in a 50s-style restaurant, where you can enjoy the already-famous burgers. The menu includes the Traditional Burger (beef meat, Ranch or Spicy sauce, Ceddar cheese, salad, tomatoes, onion and pickled cucumbers), which you can order at the price of 21 lei.

2. Muura Steakhouse Cluj-Napoca – www.facebook.com – 2 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Street;


Image source: www.facebook.com

Starting from the childhood story, Muura Steakhouse Cluj-Napoca awaits you with The Godfather Burger (ham, beef meat, green lettuce, red caramelized onion, Blue cheese, crispy bacon, tomato sauce, fresh cucumber and BBQ sauce) for which you will pay only 23 lei.

3. O’Peter’s Irish Pub & Grill – opeters-pub.ro – 4 Vasile Goldis Street;

O'Peter Irish

Image source: opeters-pub.ro

Tainting you with its Irish air, O'Peter's Irish Pub & Grill has that specific Dublin atmosphere, not only due to their typical décor, but also to the Irish dishes. So, we recommend O'Peter's Whiskey Burger (Black Angus minced meat served with lettuce, pickled cucumbers, mayonnaise with a garnish and a sauce of your choice) that you can order at the price of 23 lei.

4. Old Friends Pub – www.facebook.com – 1/A Păstorului Street;

Old Friends Pub

Image source: www.facebook.com

The Old Friends Pub means cold drinks and delicious food, so you are awaited with a lot of tasty burgers. Among them is The Boss Burger (2 hamburgers, mayonnaise, tomatoes, onion, cheese, bacon, iceberg salad, ketchup, french fries and coleslaw salad) which you can find on the menu at the price of 31 lei.

5. Livada Restaurant and Music Lounge – www.restaurantlivada.ro – 14 Clinicilor Street;


Image source: www.restaurantlivada.ro

Burger Livada (with fried potatoes, beef, smoked cheese, cucumber, tzatziki sauce) is waiting for you to enjoy it in an exceptional setting in Livada in Cluj-Napoca. You can order it at the price of 36 lei.

Enjoy a great meal with a delicious burger. We are sure that every time you return to Cluj-Napoca, you will want to eat the same delicious burgers you will find in the locations presented above.

Featured image source: www.pcrm.org
Listing image source: www.farandwide.com