Are you looking for the perfect floral gift for the 8th of March? We know the best one! Being among the wonderful spring flowers, tulips must be present in every floral arrangement or bouquet offered on International Women's Day. Their beauty, their delicacy, but also their fine smell will make every woman to whom you give these flowers to offer you back at least one smile.

1. „Bucuria lalelelor” floral arrangement – – 245 lei


2. 11 pink tulips in a vase – – 119.99 lei

Flori de Lux

3. Bouquet with 25 purple tulips – – 210 lei

Floraria Iris

4. Floral arrangement in a box – – 264 lei



5. Bouquet with white and red tulips – – 319 lei


6. Box with red roses, pink tulips and white freesias – – 389 lei

Floraria cu povesti

7. „Prima zi” floral arrangement – – 94.99 lei


8. 15 pastel tulips bouquet – – 179.40 lei

Happy Flower

9. Box with pink hyacinths, freesia, pink and white tulips – – 215 lei

Maison D'or

10. Bouquet with 25 delicate tulips – – 185 lei

Floraria Rosalia

Purchase the most beloved spring flowers to bring a smile on any woman's face!

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