„Home is where the heart is” or „Home is where the cat is”? If you didn't think this through and you have immediately chosen the second saying, it means that cats occupy an important place in your heart. And if you have a feline that is patiently waiting for you every day to come home, then we are sure that we will steal your heart with this article, because we have prepared for you a list with 15 ideas of wonderful products that portray cats in various shapes and designs.

These are also great as a gift. A friend with whom you share the love for cats will be extremely happy to receive one or more products from the selection below. Or, why not, you can spoil yourself with a purrfect gift. 😊

1. Door mat with cat – Simon’s Cat carturesti.ro – 78 lei

Pres pentru usa pisica

2. Clock with catwww.specialalese.ro – 120 lei

Ceas perete cu pisica

3. T-shirt with catwww.catryoshka.ro – 99.90 lei

tricou cu pisica

4. Bag with cat www.raftulcupisici.ro – 155 lei

Geanta cu pisica

5. Brooche with catwww.breslo.ro – 125 lei

brosa cu pisica

6. Heat sensitive mug with catwww.dol.ro – 59 lei

cana termosensibila pisica

7. Handmade cotton bag with catactivmozaic.ro – 24.99 lei

sacosa pisica

8. Decorative pillow case with cats coolori.ro – 29.90 lei

fata de perna pisici

9. Shower curtain with catswww.dedeman.ro – 23.99 lei 

perdea de dus cu pisici

10. Scarf with cats cupisici.ro – 69.99 lei

Esarfa cu pisici

11. Silver chain with cat pendantpebs.ro – 178 lei 

Lantisor pandantiv pisica

12. Earrings with cat pawchicbijoux.ro – 99 lei 

Cercei pisica

13. Agenda and notebook set with catswww.emag.ro – 75 lei 

Set agenda carnetel pisici

14. Unpaired socks with cats (set of 3 socks) sertarulcusosete.ro – 22.70 lei 

Sosete cu pisici

15. Feng-Shui cat takumi.ro – 59 lei 

Pisica feng shui

Which one you liked the most? On which one you already put your "paw"? 😊

Featured image source: wallpaperplay.com
Listing image source: https://shopify.com
Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available