Starting from 21st April to 21st May, those born under the zodiacal sign of Taurus will be the most pampered, because they will celebrate their birthday soon. So, if you have friends born in this period and you don’t know what gift to choose for them, we can help you with some ideas, depending on the characteristics of their zodiacal sign.

Here are our gift proposals for Taurus:

Gifts for her

1. Emerald ring


Inel cu smarald

A gift that never goes out of style is perfect for the Taurus native, especially since the emerald is the lucky precious stone of this zodiac sign. Nothing can surprise her more than such a ring, even if it does not include a marriage proposal. You can buy it from, at the price of 247 lei.

2. Yellow coat

Sacou galben

Yellow is among the luckiest colors of the Taurus zodiacal sign. So, this yellow coat can be the ideal gift for the Taurus woman. You can buy it from, at the price of 419 lei.

3. Pralines


Who doesn't like chocolate?! The Taurus woman loves pralines made from the best quality chocolate. You can offer her an Okune box made of African wood containing 30 delicious pralines, filled with sophisticated and unique creams, made with natural ingredients. Order it now from, at the price of 260.30 lei.


Gifts for him

1. Smartwatch



The native Taurus will certainly enjoy receiving a smartwatch as a gift. Perfect for any outfit, but especially useful, this accessory can be the ideal gift for any Taurus man. You can buy it from, at the price of 549 lei.

2. Calligraphy set

Set caligrafie

Being attentive to details, but also a rising artist, Taurus likes so much to write. Thus, you can offer him a set of calligraphy from, which you can find at the price of 185 lei.

3. Cooking kit

Kit gatit

What could be more useful for a Taurus than a cooking kit that he can take with him on his future trips, especially since he is an excellent cook? You can order it from,

at the price of 550 lei.

What gift will you choose for the native Taurus that you know?

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