Nothing compares to a good, aromatic tea, enjoyed on a chilly autumn day. The feeling of relaxation or energization that you will have after you drink it, depending on its type, confirms again and again why you love this sweet-scented beverage.

We have prepared some gift ideas for those who like to have a little happiness in their mug every moment of the day. You can choose to offer them to a loved one or, why not, you can treat yourself with a gift.

1. „Ceai cu mine?” book – – 45 lei

Carte ceai

2. Tea cooler – – 69 lei

racitor ceai


3. Tea caddy with 6 teabags – – 249 lei

cufar ceaiuri


4. Cast iron kettle with its own infuser – – 229 lei

ceainic fonta


5. Tea caddy – – 52.99 lei

cutie ceai


6. Tea set – – 185 lei

set ceai


7. Tea infuser – – 38 lei

infuzor ceai


8. Kettle set with mug – – 159 lei

set ceainic si cana


9. Ceramic support for teabag – – 69 lei

suport ceramica


10. Mug with infuser set – – 48 lei

set cana infuzor


11. Mug set – – 220 lei

cesti ceai


12. Tea caddy – – 38,08 lei

cutie ceai

We hope that our gift ideas for tea lovers will be your inspiration for the next gift you will offer!

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