Easy to use in inaccessible places, the upright vacuum cleaner can successfully replace your old classic vacuum cleaner. You can use it anywhere in the house, on almost any surface, being one of the fastest solutions for dust and dirt removal. Also, the upright vacuum cleaner is much easier to handle and it can be moved to any room you want.

We have prepared some models of vertical vacuum cleaners that you can order with just a few clicks:

1. Rowenta upright vacuum cleaner – cel.ro – 589 lei

Aspirator fara fir Rowenta

Product details: supply voltage – 25.2 V, collection capacity – 0.5 L, 6200 rpm, Delta Slim suction head, cyclonic;

2. Bosch upright vacuum cleaner – flanco.ro – 749.99 lei

Aspirator fara fir Bosch

Product details: 2 in 1 multifunctional vacuum cleaner (table vacuum cleaner and upright vacuum cleaner), collection capacity – 0.4 L, supply voltage – 16.8 V;

3. Electrolux upright vacuum cleaner – badabum.ro – 655.93 lei

Aspirator fara fir Electrolux

Product details: supply voltage – 32.4 V, cyclonic filter system, BrushRollClean technology, washable filter;

4. Beko upright vacuum cleaner homelux.ro – 549 lei

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Product details: 2 in 1 upright vacuum cleaner, supply voltage – 21.6 V, capacity – 0.5 L;

5. Hoover upright vacuum cleaner – www.electrocasnicediscount.ro – 649 lei

Aspirator fara fir Hoover

Product details: supply voltage – 21.6 V, capacity – 0.7 L, cyclonic separation, rotating brush;

Opt for an upright vacuum cleaner and cleaning your house will take less time than usual!

Featured image source: www.t3.com
Listing image source: tiravis.ro
Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available