Made for the first time 8 centuries ago in Czech Republic, the Bohemia crystal is unique due to the technique used for its manufacturing. Known throughout the world, this is the clearest crystal that can take various shapes. The objects obtained from this crystal will beautify any room of your house.

The Bohemia crystal can be manufactured both manually and through technological processes, and it is appreciated in both forms. We know that you want to have high quality things that do not deteriorate in time, so we have prepared some suggestions of Bohemia crystal accessories for a classy and beautiful room.

1. Bohemia crystal bowl – – 52 lei;

Bol cristal de Bohemia

2. Bohemia crystal vase – – 166 lei;

Vaza cristal de Bohemia

3. Bohemia crystal glass bottle – – 322 lei;

Sticla cristal de Bohemia

4. Set of 6 Bohemia crystal glasses – – 220 lei;

Pahare cristal Bohemia

5. Bohemia crystal table clock – – 213 lei;

Ceas de masa cristal de Bohemia

6. Bohemia crystal decanter – – 148.50 lei;

Decantor sticla de Bohemia

7. Bohemia crystal candy bowl – – 164.90 lei;

bomboaniera Sticla de Bohemia

8. Bohemia crystal fruit bowl – – 270 lei;

Fructiera sticla de Bohemia

9. Bohemia crystal candlestick – – 190 lei;

Sfesnic cristal de Bohemia

10. Bohemia crystal plater – – 225 lei;

Platou cristal de bohemia

11. Bohemia crystal napkins support – – 114.45 lei;

suport servetele sticla de Bohemia

Which of the above objects are among your favorites?

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